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Your First Aid course is a professionally nationally recognised qualification, for those employed in the workplace, in the community, or for those with a personal interest in helping others.

All courses include hands-on practical training sessions (there’s no power points or reading from text books) carefully formatted to provide you with the confidence to administer a range of first aid skills.

First Aid Courses include:

For those with injuries or limited mobility, we can make a reasonable adjustment to your training session.

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All courses are nationally recognised training in partnership with Allens Training PTY LTD (Registered Training Organisation number 90909).

First Aid Course


Types of Students 

We are required to determine the amount of training we provide to each student, with regard to the existing skills, knowledge and experience of each student.

Skill levels will vary in relation to the current experience/current training level of each student:

1. Students new to First Aid training

2. Students with previous training and/or experience similar to this course

Initial training (students new to First Aid training)

Initial training is intended for students who have no prior training or experience. For example job seekers, school leavers, those wanting a change in career etc.

Students attending a First Aid course for the first time can complete the course by undertaking pre-course study – referred to as unsupervised learning, and then attending a trainer led face to face course (mixed mode).

Where the student is a new entrant or inexperienced worker, we ensure that we give them the opportunity to fully absorb the required knowledge and to develop skills over time in the different contexts they would experience in the workplace.

This may require a longer time-frame than for those students with significant training/industry experience.

Refresher training  (Students with previous training and/or experience)

The shorter refresher course may be appropriate for workers or students experienced in the industry or with previous training.  This might be those who have been in the industry for some time (e.g. well practiced skills), those who have previously completed this course or similar, and those returning for workplace or industry requirements and to refresh their skills etc.

Meaning the student for a refresher course has previously attained experience in the required skills/knowledge.

It’s important to identify those students who are confident and are returning for recertification. It’s about recognising their pre-existing knowledge and skills. Therefore, upon enrolment, a refresher student can supply evidence of previous certification and therefore will be given the option of completing optional unsupervised pre-course study to refresh their knowledge and the complete a face to face training session with a trainer. They have the option to complete the pre-course workbook to refresh theory or just to attend the face-to-face component of the course.

Recertification/refresher training is a competency confirmation event that includes training, the purpose of which is to compensate for or prevent deterioration in a previously achieved standard of performance.




Students New to First Aid Training

    Mixed Mode

  1. Pre-course study Online or Workbook
  2. Face-to-Face training


Students with experience or current First Aid certificate 

Express Mode

  1. Optional Pre-course Study (not compulsory)
  2. Face-to-Face training
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